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VideoElephant is an online video content library where web publishers can search and screen premium video content for their websites. We work with the world’s top content creators to provide you with brand-safe video solutions.

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Q: Do I Have To Have An Account In Order To Search And Screen Videos?

A: No just go to our Video Library and search by category, language or use the searchbox!


Licensing CONTENT

Q: Can I download content and use it on my website?

A: You cannot download content directly, you can reach out to us at and we will help.

Q: Do You Have a sample End User Agreement?

A: Yes, for a sample contact us at


For CONTENT Providers

Q: I am a content provider and I would like to distribute through VideoElephant what can I do?

A: Please fill out this form which will go directly to our content team who will be in touch ASAP!

Q: Do you have a sample content provider agreement for review?

A: Yes, for a sample contact us at


Any OTHER questions?

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