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The National Restaurant Association Is Not the NRA

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The National Restaurant Association Is Not the NRA

People are mistaking the National Restaurant Association for the NRA. @katieduiven tweeted, “when you accountant asks why you have a charge to the NRA on your work card — fun fact it also stands for National Restaurant Association.” @Drewby1028 tweeted, “Got a text from Capitol One saying I’d made a 15$ payment to the NRA. Called to complain my account had stolen by some right wing Whacko. Turns out it was my 17 year old applying for a yogurt job and had to join the National Restaurant Association. #BrandingFail.” Instead of guns, this NRA handles restaurants — they just have the same initials as the National Rifle Association. The National Restaurant Association is also known as “the other NRA.” U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth from Illinois had to clarify a donation that she got from an NRA employee, stating on Twitter, “It is not true that I received a $50 donation from the NRA. I received a donation from an employee of the National RESTAURANT Association, not the National Rifle Association.” Senator Duckworth is an Iraq War Veteran and an advocate of stronger gun legislation. An NRA (the restaurant one) spokesperson told CNBC that the mistake happens once in a while — though given the current political climate, it’s mistake people don’t take lightly.


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