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Educator Andria Zafirakou Wins A $1M For Being World's Best Teacher

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Educator Andria Zafirakou Wins A $1M For Being World's Best Teacher

This woman just won $1 million for being the world’s best teacher. Andria Zafirakou teaches art in the London borough in Brent, which is one of the most diverse a poorest areas in the UK. More than 130 languages are spoken in the district. Zafirakou learned phrased in languages including Hindi, Tamil, and Gujarati to create a welcoming space for students, and helped redesign curriculum across all subjects to better serve her students.   Many of her students live in crowded homes and are exposed to gang violence. She offers lessons during the day and weekends to create a safe space for those in need. She also helped carve out time for girls-only sports for those from that area’s conservative communities. The incredible teacher received a $1 million prize for her work. The school has also received awards and accreditation thanks to her work transforming the curriculum. She hopes the “power of the arts” will help students live their dreams. “The arts have to fight for pace in the curriculum and for funding. They are often the first budget to be cut. This is so wrong.” Andria Zafirakou stated. “to all the students all over the world, I say, whatever your circumstances, whatever your troubles, please know that you have the potential to succeed in whatever your dreams may be, and that is aright that nobody should take from you.”


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