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Butterfinger Popcorn!! - Food Mashups

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Butterfinger Popcorn!! - Food Mashups

Cowabunga! We laid a finger on Bart Simpson's favorite candy bar, a Butterfinger, and mashed it up with our favorite snack, popcorn! There's nothing like that mix of sweet and salty for a super satisfying snack food, which is where kettle corn comes in, but we took it a step further and instead of caramel, this recipes uses the chocolatey, peanut-y goodness that is a Butterfinger. Remember Fiddle Faddle? Well, this is Cheffy's super easy recipe for candy bar popcon! Grab your favorite candy bar (in our case Butterfinger was the winner at Tasted), crush it and melt it seamlessly into your microwave popcorn for a fun sweet and salty snack. It's the perfect recipe for movie night or to sit and watch hours of fun food shows here on Tasted!! Let us know what you think of Cheffy's recipe this week! What would you use instead of butterfingers? What Mashups do you want to see in future episodes?!


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