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Talented kitesurfer launches himself from a coconut tree (RAW)

  • Category entertainment
  • Definition HD
  • Resolution 1280 x 720
  • Duration 00:01:12
  • Year 2020
  • Language English

Talented kitesurfer launches himself from a coconut tree (RAW)

This amazing footage shows a talented kitesurfer launching himself - from a coconut tree. Jeremie Tronet is seen climbing the tree with his kite surfboard before sailing into the crystal clear tropical waters below. The footage was shot on the island of Mayreau in St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean in mid May 2020 Jermie is a professional kitesurfer and content creator from the Grenadines in the Caribbean. He said: ''In this video I am climbing a coconut tree with my kite in the air and my board in hand. ''The idea is to jump from the top of the coconut tree all the way in the water landing on the board and kitesurfing away. "I had realized this stunt eight years ago already but on a much smaller coconut tree. "I always wanted to try it again from the higher one next to it and film it again. "It's not easy when you standing on top of a coconut tree, having to look down to make sure the angle of the camera is still looking good. "I am very happy how all of it turned out, we couldn't have had better weather conditions.'' You can follow all of Jermie's amazing adventures on iG- @jeremietronet.


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