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How The CHAZ Failed So Spectacularly

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How The CHAZ Failed So Spectacularly

Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) is gone. It was created in the wake of nation wide protests against police brutality. Business Insider says CHAZ was set up along several blocks. It created a space for tents, free food, art-making, and rallies around the city’s abandoned East Precinct. "CHAZ has symbolic meaning that once the police withdraw, it’s not that communities descend into chaos, but that we can create safe, democratic, autonomous spaces.” Business Insider said that without police the zone collapsed. Intentions were good but the group did not do enough when violence and lawlessness erupted. Some of the crimes include noise complaints, rampant drug use, rapes, lootings, assaults, property damage .... .... theft, muggings, harassment, public sex, public urination and defecation, shootings, and several brutal murders.... The area has now been dismantled.


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