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The Dooley and Pals Show





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The Dooley and Pals Show

Dooley is a friendly alien who lands in the backyard of an earth family and quickly makes friends with not only the family but neighbours children as well. New to our planet, Dooley is on a journey of discovery with the children as guides. Everything on earth is a new experience for this lovable alien who possesses the same wonder and openess to learning as the earth children do.
Empowered by their roles as ""teachers"" the kids teach Dooley valuable lessons and share information through play and song. Mom is always close by to give the kids, as well as Dooley and his pals gentle guidance. By the conclusion pf each episode, Dooley and his many pals - old and new- have learned more about their world, their relationships and their feeling. The children actually become role models, demonstrating to their young viewers the value of knowledge and the joy of sharing and the value of learning.
Parents will endjoy the series as well. Dooley and Pals combines live action with 3-D animation, talented children and dozens of origonal songs. The series is creats on the premise that play is the central activity of young children. It is play that enable childen to grow socially, emotionally, intelectually and physically to their maximum potential.

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You can buy this content by contacting us . Just let us know what rights and territories you would like to use the content for, and we will get back to you with pricing, availabilities and more screeners if needed.